Why Coding Collective Is Becoming Increasingly Popular With Developers For Remote Software Engineer Jobs?
  • We live in a world where everything remote is better than traveling to the office and doing the same job. This remote culture is not only seen as popular among developers but also MNCs these days prefer hiring remote developers over working in the office setup. Many popular companies like Airbnb, Coinbase, Twitter, Square, Rivian, and Johnson & Johnson have openly stated that they are fully remote enterprises and are now searching for high-quality remote software developers. However, this also poses a great challenge as there are many software developers looking for a remote job and the stability of these jobs is sometimes compromised with no job security whatsoever. Not only this but it’s also challenging for a software developer to get noticed in a job market where the talent pool is global.

If you are a high-quality talent then you would agree then sometimes even if a job is available the negotiation and job contract are not legit. Getting paid on time with smaller companies offering these jobs can be a pain. And if you are just starting out then the struggle is real. You find yourself lost among millions of engineers applying for the same remote job. You are sending emails finding the contacts and yet not getting noticed for the job you want. Even traditional job market sources like

  • Applying directly to the company you want to work for
  • Going to a social network such as Linkedin

Makes you go unnoticed. Most of these hiring managers because they get the bulk of their email don’t bother to even open your CV. In addition, most of these are short-time gigs that leave no option once your job contract is over and you are out there looking for a way to bring the bacon home.

It makes you wonder if there can be nothing better than getting a direct job, all the contracts are taken care of and you can work hard and focus on the job. But how do you do this?

At Coding Collective, we were inspired to build an organization addressing all of these problems. We want our remote talent to be efficient, but we also want them to have stability in their job. We wanted to address the following problems

  • A marketplace that combines working with these large organizations and gives its employees a sense of stability with the freedom of picking who they work for at the same time
  • Offering remote talent the best career guidance and mentorship
  • Offering them an opportunity to be a part of the largest remote working culture and training them to build a portfolio and their career in a way that prepares them for multi-faceted tech challenges

This is why our team is constantly sourcing, vetting, and managing many developers all across the globe. We vet our talent and look for remote developers that are truly passionate about their software engineering jobs. We offer them multiple jobs with different technical expertise such as front-end development, back-end development, mobile app development, etc. These inspire people who join our marketplace to learn more and MNCs who look for these remote talents to make Coding Collective their one-stop remote talent destination.

Once you go through our vetting process we introduce you to a job best suited to your abilities. You do not have to be in the market to send those annoying emails, we will get back to you. You can be in a small country and have huge talent, stay there and yet work for a silicon valley firm with us. This is the dream Coding Collective is determined to achieve.

Coding Collective

Developers Love To Work With Us, Because

  • Jobs that offer great compensation: At Coding Collective, we bring you jobs that offer great compensation with some of the best companies in the world
  • Climbing up the ladder in your career growth: We would all agree to work full-time with only one company sometimes makes your career reach stagnation. You are doing the same job all the time with no challenges whatsoever. With Coding Collective, you can work with multi companies of your picking and climb the career growth ladder.
  • Jobs that are flexible: we all love the flexibility. A chance to be home with our kids or do something of our choosing and not make work all-consuming. Going to the office can be so exhausting that once you are back you are just too tired to spend any time with your family and you end up hitting the hay. You don’t need to feel guilty anymore. With Coding Collective, you can pick your deadlines, and work, and meet the deadlines according to your choosing. And all this from the comfort of your home.
  • Being a part of the developer’s community. We all need guidance and mentorship regularly. Sometimes working in isolation makes you feel bereft of that. You don’t know how to do better or whether where you are is fine. We increasingly seek validation by reading millions of posts on glassdoor regarding what’s the right pay for a particular job or what kind of talent I need to do better.  With Coding Collective, we make you a part of a developers community that’s rowing the same boat and some have years of experience and expertise who can help you and mentor you.
  • Stability in Jobs.  A stable job keeps your savings intact and your landlord happy. With Coding Collective, we ensure that you always have a job making sure your job is stable leading to a full-time engagement with us. As one project ends our team works hard at identifying the next best-fit opportunity for you.

Many skills to pick from:  You could be a front-end developer at a senior position training also to learn to be a blockchain developer and just starting out. We help you get both jobs best suited to your expertise.

Coding Collective

How To Join Coding Collective?

  • Fill in your application: Send us your resume mentioning all the details, your current salary, age, experience, etc. You can send in your application here
  • Take our full skill assessment including test and interview: Our team vets in detail to understand where you fit and interview you to understand your skill set suited for the job.
  • Receive Job offers: Before you know it you will have job offers to pick from suited your expertise at your fingertips

Kickstart your engineering dream job: Once you are with us, you are a lifelong match. We always have a project for you.


Coding Collective is not a freelance place where you get a job and you leave. We negotiate the contract on your behalf to ensure you have security and stability throughout your career.

Visit the Join Us page for more details.