How To Hire The Perfect Mobile App Developer

Studies show that the global mobile workforce is expected to reach 1.8 billion people by 2022. That’s almost 42% of the total workforce in an organized sector. Indeed, mobile apps are now becoming a part of life that helps pay bills, watch films, order food, book shows, read books, remain focused and coordinated, and much more. This is why businesses are focusing on mobile apps to reach their target audience. They begin with the idea of app development but it often falls flat as they don’t know how to hire the right developer for their app.

A. How To Hire The Perfect Mobile App Developer

To begin, you first need to understand the purpose of hiring and what sort of developers are required for your app. This includes identifying whether you need a dedicated resource or a freelance developer. Next, examine what features you are looking for in your application for the best. If you want your app to be monetized, you need to hire a developer who worked on these ventures accordingly. Before hiring, you must consider the below:

⦿ App Development Purpose: Start with doing extensive research related to your app at the very beginning before you resolve how to contact app developers. This includes the type of app and its revenue model – is it paid or free? A free app is fully free and, in the paid version, also provides unique features to those who pay for it.

You can go for a free app if you are new and want to build your roots with your audience, and you should prepare for monetization by providing in-app purchases after receiving good responses from the users. You should be very specific about the product concept, design, and functionality when you want to build a mobile app. And then, you will be prepared to describe the same to your app developer and other partners. Draw simple templates and flowcharts for work processes, software functionality you may like, and final items you intend to accomplish with the mobile app, if possible.

⦿ Budget: The core of any application business lies in navigating how much it costs to hire an app developer? When you employ an app developer, you need to decide your budget, depending on your app development platform – iOS or Android. For this, you must have an estimate of the production cost of the app. Once you know how to hire an app developer, it makes sense to set up the app development budget based on their experience and expertise. You need to be sure about your app type, specifications, app design, type of features, and developers, among other criteria and choices, to decide on a budget. It is also necessary for the budget to be a little flexible, but the chances are that the cost would be much higher if you are too flexible.

⦿ Time Required: Your app development time to market can play a crucial role in deciding the mobile app’s success. No business wants to be deprived of leveraging the first-mover advantage. Without a doubt, there is a huge market for apps globally, but once you know how to hire an app developer, try to quickly build the app that launches following the app market compliances. Once you agree on the cost of hiring app developers and onboarding a decent team, you are bound to get the final product delivery within two to three months.

⦿ Platforms For The App: You must be specific on the type of app you want to make, whether you will design the app yourself or hire app developers. Since the app development process can get very complicated as it progresses without this clarification.

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B. What To Consider Before Hiring

Whether you employ an individual developer or a full-service organization, you must ensure they are competent and trustworthy. As a hiring manager, you must consider the below during the hiring process of potential candidates:

⦿ Research: Before handing over your project to another, you must know the ins and outs of the industry. If you’re new to the world of mobile app development, consult a few experts to understand how much it costs to hire an app developer. Start with learning everything that goes into creating a successful mobile app – programming languages, average costs, best countries to find mobile app developers, etc. These things will help you select the right technology partner to address your project needs skillfully and within your budget reach.

⦿ Experience: Before you hire an app developer, see how experienced they are. Have they worked with the different mobile app platforms and complex integration such as web and mobile app integration, payment gateway integration, adding protecting SSL layer, etc. among other things? Knowing where they come from provides you with a sense of how much you can expect from them.

⦿ Portfolio: App developers, like physicians, should be screened to ensure they are qualified for the job at hand. Is it a web-based app or a mobile app? Why do you need a certain programming language? Does your mobile app need an exquisite user interface or one that is simple? Hire app developers only after answering these questions. Don’t simply employ a skilled app developer, but one that has experience with the specific technology you need for your project.

⦿ Communication: While communication is not the first thing you should look at, it is not essential to neglect this aspect. If your technology partner doesn’t understand your requirements, they won’t produce anything similar to your needs. And that’s why it is essential to understand how well it is possible to express and comprehend your mobile app development vision.

⦿ Clear Expectations: When you know how to contact app developers, ensure you reach out to them and set your specific expectations in the initial meeting. This will allow you to keep disputes at bay and speed up the development process.· Interviews: Whoever you’re recruiting, interview them rigorously. If required, you can seek assistance from a professional on finding an app developer and setting up an interview once you get in touch. Aside from that, here are a few things you can consider before interacting with anyone.

C. Technical Skills Necessary For A Mobile App Developer

UI/UX design: Probably the most important aspect of mobile app development is building a high-quality user interface (UI). The UI of an application is responsible for interaction between the user and the software. When it comes to developing mobile applications, it’s not enough for them to simply have adequate backend functionality. With a plethora of apps available to download, the most attractive are the apps that are easy to use, have a superior design, and run smoothly.

⦿ Cross-Platform Competence: Apart from iOS and Android app development platforms, it would be best if a mobile app developer would be familiar with cross-platform app development frameworks, API development platforms, frameworks, and responsive design of web apps.

⦿ Programming Language: An app developer needs to know most programming languages, especially basic C, HTML5, C++, JavaScript, etc.

⦿ Backend Computing: To ensure that the app performs as expected, the developer needs to target various concepts of back-end computing, like memory allocation, database management, security, hardware management, and more.

⦿ Data Flow: For your app development, you would need experienced data engineers to craft useful databases and repositories achievable. A well-crafted database can lead to flawless apps with better performance. The developer would receive data in various forms from different sources and thus needs to be skilled enough to know about such data sources and interact with them smoothly.

⦿ Working Business Knowledge: Besides all, an app developer should possess good business knowledge and should follow a business-centric approach. It will strengthen him to develop an app that may attain higher app visibility and earn higher revenue.

⦿ There Are Several Ways To Hire Front-end Developers – job boards, freelance marketplace, outsourcing, and in-house development teams. Regardless, each has its pros & cons. It’s advisable to check each of the ways carefully and then go for the hiring option that best suits you & your app concept.

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D. Where To Hire Mobile Developers

Some places where you can look to hire a dedicated mobile app developer are:

⦿ Online Platforms: There are some websites where freelance mobile app developers post their resumes, and you can post your requirements. The advantage of hiring via these sites is that the candidates are vetted and you don’t have to perform background checks. Coding Collective is such an online platform where a team of trusted IT professionals can be discovered as freelancers. These professionals are vetted by the platform and can fit seamlessly into your working team or environment, be it on a project basis or an extension of your own team. The platform provides a wide talent pool for frontend developers with ample experience and skills in their respective fields. Headquartered in Singapore, they specialize in selecting the ideal candidates with strong technical problem-solving skills, expert level of understanding of their programming skills, willingness to learn, and high quality of code & communication skills to fit your organization seamlessly.

Publications: Tech blog sites are also a great place to read about mobile applications that have been developed. You can find mobile app development companies who have worked with similar apps to what you want to design or the platform you want to build on. GitHub is well-known for publications and hosting open-source projects. Headquartered in California, it has been a subsidiary of Microsoft since 2018. It is a successful online platform where you may find recent publications and their developers. Upwork is a workforce of independent talent to build faster and transform your business.

⦿ Social Media: Social media platforms are a great way to connect with potential candidates. A word-of-mouth recommendation from the network is also effective as you can first-hand see the work and get the review from a trusted source of the mobile app developer before hiring.