YOGYAKARTA — In a collaborative effort between Jogja Coding House (JCH) and Amikom Business Park (ABP), the recent Startup Talk event emerged as a dynamic platform for IT enthusiasts to converge. Facilitated at the Amikom Yogyakarta campus, the event, supported by Coding Collective, featured insightful seminars on both frontend and backend development.

The partnership between JCH and ABP aspired to foster an interactive space for both novices and seasoned professionals within the IT realm. The event sought to encourage the exchange of ideas, knowledge-sharing, and profound discussions concerning the latest trends in software development, with a primary focus on frontend and backend technologies. The overarching goal was to stimulate innovation and fortify the information technology ecosystem in Yogyakarta.

Taking place on November 18 and 25, 2023, the Startup Talk enlisted industry experts, with Ahmad Albaihaqi Lubis, Frontend Developer, and Fiko Redha Febiansyah, Backend Developer, from Coding Collective. Drawing a diverse audience of 120 participants, spanning from fresh-faced students to those on the cusp of graduation, the event proved to be a collaborative hub.

The comprehensive agenda of the Startup Talk encompassed various engaging topics. The discussions kicked off with an exploration of the “Latest Trends in the World of Frontend and Backend,” delving into recent advancements and practical applications in real projects. Following that, attendees were presented with insights into “Best Practices in Software Development,” covering project management, testing methodologies, and maintenance practices.

The event also showcased successful project case studies, offering a panoramic view of projects triumphantly executed through frontend and backend technologies. Concluding the seminar, a segment on “Career Opportunities in the IT Field” shed light on potential career paths, skills, and industry requirements.

Beyond its informative sessions, the seminar also served as an opportune space for networking and collaborations. Students, professionals, and tech enthusiasts seized the occasion to exchange ideas, share experiences, and forge potential partnerships that could catalyze innovative projects in the future.

With the event’s culmination came a palpable sense of enthusiasm and the collective hope that it would evolve the IT landscape in Yogyakarta and Indonesia. Jogja Coding House remains steadfast in its commitment to propelling innovation and advancing the information technology ecosystem, nurturing the emergence of superior talents and revolutionary projects in the times ahead.